The Forest God

by Billy Qvarnström

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Lukaner Dj0nt as fuck! Damn Billy <3 Some crazy stuff right there! Favorite track: Fire.
Alejandro Hernandez
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released December 21, 2015

I'd like to thank all of these people for helping me make this album way, way better - Sincerely, thank you!

Guest solos by Alejandro Hernández / AHmusic (Ground Analysis), Emil Westin Skogh (Wither) Erik Olsson (Lake Vostok) and Cederick Forsberg (The Forest God)

MIDI reamping for the song "Fire" by Rickard Svanström

Album art by Marie Sjöberg

Font by Huong Le Thi Thu / PoemHaiku

And finally, huge thanks to my friend Tobias Hansson as well as my friends in the video game cover community for cheering me on through this project - I likely couldn't have done it without you guys!




Billy Qvarnström Sweden

Hi! I'm Billy. I'm primarily a drummer, but I also do guitar, bass and other instruments for my tracks.
While I absolutely love metal (particularly the groovy, growly kind) I appreciate most genres and styles. My favorite bands (and main influences) are Lamb of God, Gojira, Meshuggah, Amon Amarth, Veil of Maya and Glass Cloud. ... more

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Track Name: Liberosis
One cell organism
I struggle and press on
I feel it’s here one second gone the other
All this time to ease my pain
A lonely clump of unborn existence
But when will I be there
Liberosis engulfing my inner self
There must be more than this

If I look back into the void, it escapes
All created, motivated, made, grown
Press on, press on or it dies
Loosen the grip on reality itself
And it can not hurt you

Pretentious is the struggle to better, stronger
Sacrifice comfort, safety, target
To grow inside, to grow them out, make them die
Find a deeper meaning to this
The energy to form a new tomorrow
Can be found in the sun
But they’re already destroying everything
And would rather let it go again
Track Name: Kodama
Hear the call
The echoing presence, the curse
As it’s placed upon the heads of raging fools
Reside above where their eyes can see
Reside amongst heaven bound crown

To leave behind a layer of filth
That will always be present in us
Care for the tree in whose shadow you rest
Heaven bound

No one can undo what has so far been done
No one can foresee what happens to us now

Defaunation, vanish like light at nightfall, falls asleep
Disinfection, hear creatures fall down as they softly weep

See the end
Come crashing with thunderous blows
As they are destroyed, picked off one by one
Despise the disrespect of what is sacred
That kept us alive and raised us through time

To leave behind a drained and deserted wasteland the forest once held in its grasp
Care for the tree in whose shadow you rest
And they will dwell
Heaven bound
Track Name: Fire
Catastrophe showed us its face
Now the world has been set ablaze
Brought upon us by human hand
Now they’re burning the bodies of the lost ones

Ravaging, tearing through the land
The fire will rise, fueled by greed

This monster is unstoppable
This monster is invincible

Rise and be strong, not all hope is gone yet
Rise up for life and raise up the mountains
Walk with me here, towards what’s ahead
Gather your strength and walk through the fire

Gathered to quench the flames
Reconquer what is ours
The anger built within summons the spirit’s demon form

We will not succumb to fire

Time is up, fire raging
Time is up, fire burning
Track Name: Ground Analysis
Lying on the floor of an empty hall
Burning in-and outside, decoding the cipher
The walls of civilization to crumble and fall
To dissolve what’s yet to be done
Shivering, trashing wildly about
Cringing and twisting, you’ve seen it all
What you’ve become, what you have done
Blackened and destroyed, killed and infected

Formal undulation to be continued
A solemn obsession with no sign of end

What will you do when all you destroyed comes back to destroy you
When the sea is vertical and the earth falls out of its socket
Water consumes the land, water consumes the land

The readings are off the charts, the earth is quaking
Your ground analysis foresaw this
It’s not if, it’s when you take what is not yours
Blood from a rusted wound, the water consumes the land

The engines to run for this one last time
Before they forever fall down in silence
The sky to tear open with downfall and fire
To strike down the mountains and shatter the ground
Break down earth, make it disappear
You’ll see everything wither away
What you’ve become, what you have done
Blackened and destroyed, killed and infected
Track Name: Wither
Journey to find an unexplainable phenomenon
Shivering, winter has taken its toll

Now I run, but the walls are coming down
It’s caving in on me
I try to scream, but the dust is choking me
The errand’s through

The marrow freezes inside the bones
Struggling to be lost again
The skin is turning pale
No key will unlock this door
No path leads to an end
This shrine of frozen memories
Will wither away with me

This shrine of broken memories
Will wither away
Track Name: Lake Vostok
In the dark depths
Where the sun has not yet reached
There is light not visible to us

In the dark depths
Where our eyes have not yet gazed
There is sound that we can’t hear

Dislodge horizons, summon Leviathan
To break the ice and contaminate the empty spaces
The so far untouched ground, the place that did not exist

Gather to see the sun divide, eclipse
A place so far below where it will never again rise

Subglacial Lake Vostok
Asleep beneath ice and snow
In silence, a silent reign
The time is standing still

Asleep under ice and snow
Gone and laid to rest

Brute power does not suffice
They can’t break through
Break through the core
They can’t break through
Track Name: The Forest God
Humanity’s reached the line
This must come to an end
The war is growing
They are not satisfied
What is the meaning of it?
Destroying what once gave us life
The trees are dying
Soon they will all be gone

But no one ever understands
Am I one of you or am I one of them?
I need to know, I stumble through the forest
I need to find the root

I feel the presence of his light
A distinct urge within me
He calls to me and seems to say
I must find the forest god
The spirit of all this life
The trees, the sea, the sky
I tremble violently now
I must find the forest god

He’s out here, in the northern forest
As told by the legends through time
I must find him soon
I’ve searched for weeks on end
But soon he’ll open up my eyes
Open up our eyes
And lead us home

In a meadow, more beautiful than anything I’ve ever seen
The light is blinding, but I can not cover my eyes

What I see seems so unreal
But there he stands before me
I can’t believe it myself
I have found the forest god
He speaks to me, right to my heart
Of what is yet to be
Now is my time to leave and change
I have found the forest god

I found the forest god